Current Electronics, Inc.
Current Electronics, Inc.

Engineering and Product Development

Current Electronics offers complete design services from concept to finished goods. Our engineering skills handle every detail. With experience in high density BGA board design, embedded systems and acquiring certifications our products are ready for a demanding world market.
  • Electronics Design, Product Development, and Product Testing
  • Scope of Work specifications, Product specifications
  • Design Plan, Test Plans, Project Management
  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Electronics Material Qualifications
  • Wireless and RF implementations
  • Custom circuitry, Embedded Native Development
  • Firmware and Software Design
  • OEM Development Support
  • Electronics Manufacturing

Engineering services are offered at a significant discount when included in a manufacturing agreement.



    Cat M1 Cellular Integration
    GPS Integration
    Accelerometer / motion sensors
    Bluetooth® Integration
    Touch Sensor Control
    WiFi applications
    iOS applications, HomeKit Certified
    Automotive ESD and EMI hardening
  • Embedded controller systems and data processing
Analog Devices